The swimming pool is closed for renovation until 31.10.2020.

As a replacement, we offer the possibility of a sauna.


SWIMMING POOL & SAUNA CENTER – Opening in November 2020!

Vihula Manor will in late autumn launch the most modern and up-market Swimming-Pool & Sauna Center in Estonia.


The Swimming Pool & Sauna Center will cover 700 sq.m. and feature:

  • 15-meter pool with massage seats
  • 36°C children’s pool
  • Cold water pool
  • 80°C Finnish sauna
  • 95°C Smoke sauna
  • 60°C Sanitarium
  • 50°C Steam Sauna
  • Two 38°C Jacuzzis
  • Rest and Lounge area
  • Modern changing room and showers

Our saunas

The widely spread ancient sauna tradition can be experienced in the forest guard’s sauna also known as the smoke sauna, which in the old days was heated for almost half a day and the sauna session itself often lasted for hours. In the modern so-called black sauna you can feel the aroma of strong smoke and the enjoy the pleasant heat.


Upon entering the rancher boy sauna also known as the juniper sauna, you can immediately feel the pleasant smell characteristic of the coniferous tree. The low temperature of the sauna also allows it to be used by people who cannot tolerate heat or who are not allowed a high-heat sauna procedure due to illness.


The manor lady’s sauna also known as the sanarium has a low temperature for saunas to enjoy and relax for a long time.


In addition to the sanarium, the center also has a steam sauna, which has been used in Turkey under the name of a hammam for thousands of years and has brought us the term Turkish sauna. The effect of the steam sauna on the body is relaxing and healing.