Vihula Manor eco-SPA is a boutique spa in the peaceful countryside, a place to escape from busy daily life and indulge yourself. You can enjoy marvelous views of the peaceful manor park and river.

The spa has eight elegant manor-style treatment rooms, a gym, a traditional wood-burning sauna, all offering guests a delightfully different and unique spa experience.

AUTUMN special offer

Relaxing back module 45 min/50 EUR


The Ritual begins with a moisturizing and protective apricot seeds oil back massage.

Next you can enjoy “Marine Champagne”, a self-warming sea mud wrap on your back, which gives you energy, removes toxins from the body and reduces muscle tension. At the same time, the soothing lavender pillow covers your eyes.

The Ritual ends with a relaxing foot massage.

NB! Not suitable for a Thyroid problem

SPA Concept

The spa products are eco-friendly.

Vihula Manor eco – spa concept combines heritage, nature and luxury with contemporary comfort and modern technologies.



Eco-SPA offers a selection of different massages, from which everyone can find their favourite. Check out our massage list and choose yours!

Book a 60-minute massage from Monday to Thursday and we will give you another 15 minutes of relaxation.

Body Treatments

Take some time off, just relax and enjoy our pampering body treatments which are truly unique.

Facial Treatments

Our eco-SPA provides facial treatments perfect for hot summer days or cold winter time. Try them out and you will not regret!

Hand & Feet Treatments

If your nails need a refreshment or you would like to give them a touch up before going out we offer a variety of treatments.

Beauty treatments

Whether you stay in our hotel or just need an extra touch for your eyebrows or eyelashes, we are here for you!

Treatments for children

We also offer fun treatments for the smallest members of the family, cause even kids need a pampering from time to time!

About our treatments

Vihula Manor eco-SPA offers a variety of different treatments for face, body and hands and feet. We are always ready to help you with advice choosing the most suitable massage or treatment for you.

The products used in our spa are natural, always fresh and unique. Relaxing massages, luxurious treatments and hot tubs create an unforgettable spa experience. Vihula’s powerful nature, historical aura and romantic manor luxury create a unique and soothing atmosphere – it is an ideal place to spend weekends, romantic getaways, fun spa trips for girlfriends or to spend time alone – the possibilities in Vihula Manor eco-SPA are endless!

If you would like to know more about these treatments, click on the button “read more”.


Going to the sauna and relaxing in the sauna has a certain place in our daily lives. Sauna is the place to talk things through and think about life. The tradition of sauna is common among both urban and rural people. Going to the sauna is relaxing and is of great help for many health problems.

The air in the sauna is hot and dry and moisture can be added to the sauna by tossing water on the hot stones. The temperature in the room is usually between 75 and 90 degrees. The sauna can accommodate 4-5 people at a time. The right effect of a sauna is particularly evident when you switch between hot and cold – you can cool yourself down with cold water or in the fresh air after each sauna session.



eco-SPA Best Practices

If you really want to enjoy the spa treatments, you should be aware of some things. Please take a minute and read the eco-SPA best practices.