Leisure Activities

Would you like to try something interesting during your stay? We have a wide selection of fun activities for everyone.

Romantic picnic and boat tour on the river? Fun Vihula Manor tour with horse carriage? Maybe a game of mini-golf? We have it all and much more.

Vihula Manor Nature Trails

Take a trip near the manor complex, walk across Vihula Manor’s 7 bridges. Above all, Vihula Manor fascinates with its atmosphere and picturesque location. The slow-flowing Mustoja River meanders around the manor park with grand old trees and lush greenery, after which it expands into a pond covered with water lilies, small islands and romantic arched bridges.

In the furthest part of the pond, there is an old water mill and a dam, where a picturesque view of the manor complex reflects from the pond.

We have two marked hiking trails of different lengths, 1.5 km and 3 km.

You can rent walking sticks for hiking, and the hiking trail is also passable by bicycle.

Workshops and programs

Vihula Manor, with its historical buildings and rich cultural heritage of stories and legends, offers excellent possibilities for entertainment programs and workshops. Click on the activity for more information.


Craftery for handicraft

Salt scrub workshop

Make your own manor berry schnapps

Soap felting workshop

Make your own Peppermint Cocktail


Creative activities for groups

Exciting creative activities for groups are a nice way to spend an evening after a meeting or simply free time. Don’t worry about the materials or tools, everything is available on site. Just bring positive attitude and a good mood.

Click on the activity for more information.


Felting of poppy brooch

In porcelain painting

Create a glass, vase or a lamp from an old bottle

Photo transfer on wood

Fun tours

The most authentic way to discover the Vihula manor complex is to take part in our unforgettable tours. Click on the activity for more information.


Manor tour

Legends and flavors of the Vodka Distillery

Golf cart manor tour

Horse carriage manor tour


Food & Beverage

Vihula offers great opportunities to participate in unforgettable taste experiences. Enjoy a romantic boat ride with a picnic or a spice up your holiday with a blind dinner, the choice is yours! Click on the activity for more information.


Romantic boat ride and picnic on the island

Picnic basket

Handmade candy and truffles

Other free time activities

In Vihula Manor you will find many ways to spend your free time. With us, you can travel through the three Baltic countries in just one hour and discover the beautiful nature of Lahemaa. Click on the activity for more information.


Vihula Manor mini golf game “Tour de Baltics”

Bicycle rental

Equipment rental (walking sticks, boat, petanque, etc.)

Swimming pools and saunas

Sports field