Full Day Activities

Tour of Lahemaa National Park elegant manors and historical fishing villages

Your day starts with a visit to the Sagadi Manor complex – walk in the park and visit the main manor house, where you’ll see elegant salons and period furniture. Drive on the country roads to the coast through ancient forests, villages and fields, until you reach the next stop at Palmse Manor, one of the most well-known Estonia manors. A guided tour of the house ends with wine tasting in the old wine cellar, followed by a walk in the romantic manor park with swan pond, bathhouse and the Palm House.

After enjoying the elegant manors, the afternoon tour allows us to peek into life of historical villages of traditional fishermen and famous sea captains. After a walk at romantic Altja village with old farms, large village swings and a brisk sea breeze on the stony beach, a hearty fishermen’s lunch is waiting at the Altja Inn.

Transfer to the famous village Käsmu, now a sea resort. Walk in the village and on the beach. Visit Käsmu Maritime Museum. Transfer back to Vihula. Duration 6 hours, max capacity 150 persons.

Manor tour in the tracks of the aristocratic Baltic-German families

The Crusaders who came to Estonia in the 13th century paved the way for a Baltic-German community. Did you know how many significant scientists, writers and artists emerged from among this community in Lääne-Virumaa county? Find out about this thrilling history!

The day starts with a visit to Viru-Jaagupi Manor, where Ferdinand von Wrangel, the Russian sailor and Arctic explorer, and honorable member of the Russian Academy of Sciences is buried. He led the Russian journey around the world in 1825-1827 and in 1830-1835 and was the superior governor of Russian colonies in America. The Manor is in a Gothic style and can be viewed from outside. The next stop is at Roela Uuemõisa Manor, where Wrangel lived the last decades of his life. The day continues with a tour of the Neo-Renaissance Muuga Manor that was built in 1866-1872 under the orders of Carl Timoleon von Neff to keep his art collection. C.T.von Neff was the czar’s court painter, professor of St. Petersburg Art Academy and a conservator of the Hermitage.

Before lunch, stop off at Avanduse Manor, former home of Admiral Friedrich Benjamin Lütke, president of Petersburg Science Academy and Chairman of the Russian Association of Geography. Then transfer to the small provincial town of Väike-Maarja, far off the beaten track, where you’ll eat at the Georg Inn. In the afternoon, visit a 14th-century Vao Tower stronghold, followed by a stop at the impressive Kiltsi Manor that dates back to 14th-15th century when it was home to sailor-explorer Adam Johann von Krusenstern, who led the first Russian journey around the world (1803-1806). Resulting from this trip, he drew up “The Atlas of the South Sea” – the most precise set of sea maps of the Pacific until the beginning of the 20th century. The tour continues on to Porkuni Manor and ends in Vihula. Duration 8 hours, capacity 45 persons.

Hiking adventure day in the Lahemaa National Park

The hiking trip starts at Oandu old-growth Forest Nature Trail, which according to specialists is the best hiking trail in Estonia, showing the characteristic features of a natural ancient forest. The length of this trail is 4.7 km, starting and ending in Oandu, but you’ll not take the whole trail – instead you’ll change to the Beaver Trail with a length of 1 km. This trail traverses the valley of one of the most beautiful North Estonian rivers, the Altja River, with its beaver dams and burrows. After a 2.5-hour walk in amongst nature, you’ll arrive to Altja and enjoy a traditional fishermen’s lunch at Altja Tavern, consisting of various fish, cottage cheese, salads, home-made pickles, traditional potato mash, “Mulgi porridge” with mushroom sauce, bilberry cake and local beer. After lunch, take a 3 km hike through Altja Nature and Culture Trail. The start is by the suspension bridge at the river mouth. A fishing village, beach and riverside are all part of this trail. The day ends with a transfer back to Vihula. Duration 8 hours, capacity 150 persons.

East meets West – tour to border areas and Narva, the border town to Russia

The route to Narva – a historical border town and fortification that divides the Catholic West and the Slavic Orthodox East – continues along the high coast of the Baltic Sea, passing by wonderful natural objects like ancient graves, indented stones, the most powerful waterfall in Estonia, the highest artificial ash mountains in Northern Europe, the majestic Baltic clint and, needless to mention, the never-ending sea. After reaching Narva, one of the most important fortifications in the history of Estonia, you’ll have the chance to get acquainted with the city, visit the Narva Castle and enjoy a delicious lunch.

The afternoon tour continues with a unique visit to the only active self-sufficient Russian Orthodox nunnery at Kuremäe, with numerous legends colouring its history. Travelling through a mining area, the next stop is Kohtla mining park, showing the day-to-day bone-breaking work of a miner, which you will be challenged to try out yourself for an experience you’ll never forget!

On the way back, you’ll pass by Sillamäe town where Stalin-era post-war architecture can be seen. This exciting day through different eras and cultures ends at Vihula Manor. Duration 8 hours, capacity 45 persons.

Extreme day in Ida-Virumaa with Jeeps

The most unique and memorable way to have a blast in Estonia and spend quality time with excellent company is to take part of the orientation safari, with the latest jeeps and professional driver-guides. Together we’ll whip up the sand, splash mud and water, climb over rocks large and small, and rise up and descend from steep hills. Best of all, you will get the chance to drive the jeeps yourself. Participants will be divided into teams and with the help of GPS devices, be challenged to find certain points on the way. You will visit Kohtla Nõmme, Saka and Ontika and see the magnificent Baltic Cliff.

You will also have the chance to go shooting – try your hand at shooting different guns, including a Glock 19 pistol, Smith & Wesson revolver, tactical shotgun and AK47. There’s also rappelling and crossing the river – scary but tempting! When you’re addicted to extreme sports, this is exactly what you need to get your adrenaline flowing. Testing Hovercrafts – you think you’re a skilled, brave and intelligent driver behind the wheel? We believe you, absolutely, but what if there is no wheel, and you have to use your own body, to turn left or right?! Oh, and the machine doesn’t have any breaks! How is it possible? Well, come and experience a hovercraft. With the UAZ-off-road, you’ll have a blast on an off-road Villis safari across the military grounds of the Estonian Defense Forces. A Villis is the Soviet equivalent of a Land Rover Defender.

It isn’t as simple as it sounds; actually, the track really is a challenge! Enjoy lunch at Saka Hotel – a 3-course meal with coffee/tea/water. Duration 7 hours, max capacity 100 persons.

Shoot Off-Road

A crazy, motivational event perfect for closing up a heavy work day. Transfer from Vihula to Aegviidu in off-road vehicles or a soviet army bus. The event is an active, entertaining and relaxing interlude where participants acquire new knowledge and skills on how to handle firearms and off-road driving. The most important elements professional instructors, real weapons and authentic off-road vehicles.

Also, we offer simple, hearty food prepared on a campfire, accompanied wonderfully by a drop or two of adrenaline and the aroma of gunpowder. The goal of the day is to enhance teamwork synergy through activities. No previous shooting or off-road experience is required to participate in the event. Enjoy lunch at a traditional Estonian farmhouse. Menu: 3-course meal with coffee/ team/water. Duration 6 hours, capacity 30 persons.