Evening Programmes

Gala Dinner at Palm House

An elegant gala dinner with candle light and flower decorations in the historical Palm House. Welcome cocktail and greeting by the host, dressed as manor owner Von Schubert. The host will tell you about the history of the manor as he welcomes people into his home. Dinner is accompanied with light swing, jazz or classical music. After dinner, dance to a live pop band, playing evergreen popular songs from the period most suitable to the group’s overall age. Capacity 60 persons.

Estonian Dinner party at Kaval-Ants Tavern

Get a glimpse of the Estonian soul during the Estonian National Evening. The programme consists of plenty of festive Estonian food and drinks. The food is truly fresh and local and much of it comes from the organic manor garden. The highlight of the evening is a folklore show with dancers and musicians. The band will also introduce their instruments and national clothing.

Everybody will have a chance to learn Estonian dances and songs and guests can be divided into teams to compete to find out who is the best “Estonian” folk artist. Merry traditional Estonian party games and competitions will take place throughout the evening. “Terviseks!” – a word everybody will remember always, after this evening – come and find out why! Capacity 60 persons indoors, 250 persons outdoors.

Summer Grill Party with Estonian entertainment – or surprise latino hot rhythms

The summers in Estonia are short but wonderful, so Estonians use every chance to be outside and enjoy this short period of long warm evenings together with friends and families. It is even said that grilling meat is the “most popular Estonian sport”. Come together with your friends and enjoy a summer garden party, complete with grilling, outside in Vihula’s marvellous surroundings.

Relax on the terrace of the Von Schubert Wine Bar, try different grilled meats and enjoy wine with food. Surprise yourself and see the most famous latin songs and dances performed by a far away visitor from Ecuador! Learn the dances from the master yourself. If you want to experience a more local touch, then have a merry folklore ensemble instead. Learn Estonian dances and games. Capacity 60 persons.