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Kajakas / Чайка

Premiere 04.06 at 19.00

Performances 05.06, 10.06, 11.06, 12.06, 17.06, 18.06 and 19.06 at 19.00

Performances 06.06,, 14.06, 20.06, 21.06 at 17.00


Russian Theater’s new summer production – comedy ”Seagull/Kajakas” (Anton Tšehhov). Directed by Filipp Loss and starring Merle Palmiste (Estonian Drama Theater).

Young romanticist Konstantin Treplev, proud and ambitious, finds his way into art. At the premiere of his play, which is filled with symbols and allegories, young Nina Zarachnaya is dreaming of a career other than acting. The audience includes Treplev’s mother, well-known actress Arkadina and capital belletrist Trigorin. But a cute and homely theater performance on the shores of a picturesque lake ends with an unexpected scandal…

Chekhov’s heroes argue over the innovation of art, they fall in love, they are jealous, they are looking for intimacy, they are open to each other, they meet and separate. Chekhov’s enchantingly melodic dialogues open up a profound and controversial world of artistic people. Are they capable of true love, compassion, self-sacrifice in the name of a loved one? What are they willing to give up for success and recognition?