The Water Mill - Visitor Centre

The Water Mill was first mentioned in 1586, making it the oldest mentioned building of the whole estate. Most likely, the mill was there already earlier, as natural conditions were favorable and the manor needed the mill. In addition to flour of different coarseness, the mill produced groats and it had all the necessary machinery for cleaning and processing grain. The present stone building is from the middle of the 19th century and played an important role in the economical activities of Vihula Manor processing the grain of the manor.

The Water Mill itself has been completely restored and is now the best preserved functioning Water Mill in Estonia.

Here you will find the Visitor Centre, where you can buy tickets and day passes and make reservations to the facillities at Vihula Manor. You can also rent boats, bikes, golf buggies and sport equipment. And you can get information about the many daily activities at Vihula Manor.

Besides, the Water Mill also features a Water Mill Café with a Summer Terrace overlooking the Mustoja River and the waterfall and a small Manor Museum with exhibits related to the history of Vihula Manor and the history of the Water Mill itself.

Moreover, the Water Mill has a unique Gift & Design Shop featuring Vihula Manor Lifestyle products – a collection of carefully selected natural and ecological balanced products reflecting an innovative fusion of traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary vision of the world.