Viking Longship Adventure in Käsmu

Käsmu, an Estonian village with age-old voyaging traditions is famous for the shipbuilding and Maritime schools it once had. At present, Käsmu has a Maritime Museum and a Viking ship named “Aimar” that was launched in 2010 and sails the bay of Käsmu and beyond.

Your adventure begins with mister Aarne Vaik giving you a tour of the Käsmu`s Maritime Museum. At the museum, you will be provided with a demonstration of weapons, handicraft techniques that were used during those ancient times and the opportunity to make your own jewellery. You will then board the ship at the port of Käsmu. The ship will set sail with your assistance – you get to row the ship out to bay. At the bay you will see the the Devil’s Island, the Captains Village of Käsmu and get to enjoy the silence of the sea. The ship will carry 15 passengers of which one or two will be members of the crew.

Please note that the ship needs to be manned with at least six rowers in order to put the vessel out to sea. A maximum of eight people at a time can row.

The price of the Main Package is € 240 for a group of 6 to 14 people (all on board the ship at a time). For larger groups, more trips can be arranged. People not on the ship will be engaged in handicrafts or museum visits.

The price includes the boat ride, tour of the museum, handicrafts and a demonstration of weapons.

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