Short Breaks

Short breaks

Guided Tour of Vihula Manor complex

Vihula ManorLearn about the rich history of Vihula Manor as well as the area around and have a guided tour through the different historical buildings, romantic manor park, river island and bridges.

Can be arranged as simple tour or as animated tour, where different surprises wait at for the guests at various sites. Duration 1,5 hours


Make Your own Vihula Mojito!

Vihula MojitoFirst find the hidden garden at the manor grounds, then pick your own peppermint from the garden and under guidance of bar staff, find out your talents in cocktail making in Von Schubert Wine Bar. Recommendable after dinner activity; can be arranged also as a short break after the seminar, before team building etc. On special request the fresh peppermint from the manor garden and Mojito making kit can be taken home as Vihula/event souvenirs. Duration 1 hour. Recommendable (more atuthentic) during June-Oct, when fresh peppermint is growing, but possible also all other times.

St. Elmo’s Fire

St Elmo FireAdventure game St. Elmo’s Fire is specifically designed to be played in darkness. The season for the game is from the end of September till the end of January. The game has 10 checkpoints. In every checkpoint there is a coffer. Teams goal is to find the coffers and retrieve one object from each coffer. What the objects are will be revealed at the beginning of the game.

Every team member will get a headlamp. There is no map to guide the team. Only the interview that contains necessary hints. Every coffer “lights up” for 1-2 minutes after it is opened. So if you pay attention it is possible to see where the lights and coffers are. It is possible to put very different things into coffers. For example – model airplanes, puzzle pieces, bicycle parts, supper ingredients. Teams can build kites or retrieve instruments for the band. The most popular theme for St.Elmo’s Lights is “FIREWORKS”. Teams compete for the longest lasting firework. Duration 2 hours, max capacity 60 pax.

Discover yoga – a real treat for the body, mind and spirit!

Discover YogaThrough the teaching and guidance of a traveling yogini, L i i n a T a e l , this weekend will give you a glimpse of different yoga styles, that she will mix and combine during the sessions on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Liina has practiced yoga for more than 10 years and for the last 6 years she has travelled the world practicing, teaching and learning yoga.

The classes are suitable for ALL levels.
Wear comfortable clothes, that enable you to move and stretch; shoes or trainers are not necessary, we will do yoga barefoot. Bring your own yoga mat if you have one (if not, Liina will bring some mats you can borrow).
Package is valid with minimum 10 participants
16 EUR / two day trainings
12 EUR / one day training