Parks & Gardens

Vihula Manor Park is an English landscape park from the middle of the 19th century surrounding the whole central part of the estate. The regular elements of the park are the entrance driveways and the oval honour court in front of the Main Manor House, surrounded by four symmetrically located larches.

The park is separated into three different areas – Manor Park, Forest Park and Parkland. The areas of Manor Park and Forest Park are around 10 ha and the surrounding Parkland around 18 ha.

Vihua Manor feature two garden areas: Vihula Manor Garden, divided into a Herb & Vegetable Garden, a Flower Garden and an Apple Ochard, in a fenced off area behind the Carriage House and the Barn House. You will also find the Green House and the Garden Pavlion here. And Kaval-Ants Garden, located around a small pond behind the Ice-Cellar and offering the perfect setting for summer BBQ parties.

All parks and gardens areas are beautifylly landscaped and open to the public.