Juss Haasma & Trikster

Thu, 07/28/2016


Juss Haasma's great acting talent has been seen via television for years (e.g. in "Kättemaksukontor). The fact that he also likes to dabble with music is less-known. But it is no secret that he gets it from his family.

But everyone remembers how he won "Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt" (Your Face Sounds Familiar) in 2015 where in addition to having mastery at acting, it was necessary to sing a lot. And he did wonderfully! Juss will be taking the stage at Vihula with his band Trikster with songs that he likes and are a little different and of course, he will also be performing hit songs such as "Sein on ees" (The Wall is in the Way) and who knows what other tricks they are up to...

Watch and listen to Juss's performance once again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgtg3aFIOhY

On the stage:
Juss Haasma – song/guitar

& Trikster:
Jaan Varts - guitar
Rene Puura - keyboard
Silver Ulvik - drums
Valdur Viiklepp - bass

Vihula Manor Summer Music 2016:

August 4 – Maarja and Karl-Erik Taukar
August 11 – Annely Peebo, C-JAM & Urmas Lattikas

Further information:

Tickets are available from Piletilevi.

The price for all until June 5 is 15 EUR.

From June 6:
students/pensioners/handicapped persons/persons accompanying handicapped persons 15 EUR
group discount starting from 10 people 15 EUR
full price 17 EUR

On the day of the concert and on the spot for everyone 17 EUR

Children up to the age of, and including, 7 are free if sitting on the lap of an accompanying adult.

Bring along a document as proof of discount.
The concert is in one part and about 70 minutes.

The third annual concert series invites you to enjoy the picturesque environment of Vihula Manor where on every Thursday in July and on two Thursdays in August our best artists offer guests wonderful songs to listen to and honest conversations.

Organizer: www.muusikaagentuur.ee