Half Day Activities

Here we present to you a selection of half-day incentive ideas for every taste

Manor Romance

Enjoy the lifestyle of manor landlords with a carriage ride in the beautiful manor complex, afternoon tea in the romantic Tea House with picture-perfect views of the slow river and islands. Enjoy a chamber music concert in the Park Pavilion, champagne on the bridges, followed by an elegant reception in the Palm House. Duration 4 hours, capacity 50 persons.

Smuggler’s Adventure

Local vodka was one of the most important revenue sources for Vihula manor, and much of it was smuggled to Finland during its prohibition era. Reenact the prohibition era smuggling adventures – try out the local spirits in the watermill next to the historical vodka distillery and help the smuggler to bring the spirits to the boat that awaits on the river shores. End a busy day of activities with a merry party at the Kaval-Ants Tavern restaurant. Entertainment at the party: accordion player and singer performing old drinking songs. Duration 4 hours, capacity 60 persons.

Art workshop with Czar’s court painter Carl Timoleon von Neff

Did you know that famous artist von Neff was born not far from Vihula? An illegitimate child of a governess, von Neff made his way up to the Russian court to become Czar Nicolai’s court painter. Meet him at Vihula, listen to his stories and take part in an art workshop. Everybody will get the chance to try out their skills and talents in painting on easels, in amongst the inspiring surroundings of Vihula Manor House Complex. Duration 4 hours, capacity 60 persons with 3 instructors.

Treasure hunt in the footsteps of von Krusenstern

Did you know that another famous person, sailor and explorer Adam Johann Ritter von Krusenstern, who lead the first Russian expedition to round Cape Horn and reach the northern Pacific, was born and lived in Estonia, at Kiltsi Manor, not far from Vihula? Tread in the famous explorer’s footsteps and explore the whole world of Vihula. How? Come find out and discover the hidden treasures! Duration 4 hours, capacity 70 persons.

Try out the manor manners in modern way – a bloodless hunt!

A joyous, sporty and romantic day with traditional bows, intact nature, sunshine or glittering snow. Get a short introduction to archery with full equipment – a bow, the arrows and the security gloves – and let the hunt begin! Duration 4 hours, capacity 50 persons.



Boat ride on the lake, ending with a lavish picnic in the manor park

Enjoy the beautiful views on the short boat ride of 1 km on picturesque Mustjõe River, curving around the manor ensemble and ending with a picnic in the park. Alternatively, why not enjoy your picnic in the Park Pavilion, river islands, bridges or on the balcony of your room. Duration 3 hours, capacity 12 persons.


Vihula raft rally on the lake and Mustoja river

A raft rally is an easy and exciting adventure game where teams compete on the lake, following marked routes to test speed and maneuvering abilities. It is a very good exercise of team work and lots of fun on the water. Duration 4 hours, capacity 60 persons.

Kayak training on the lake and river in Vihula

Train in the use of different types of kayak. Session are conducted with help from the instructors, followed soon after by exciting races to test your new skills. After sitting indoors in the seminar room, take a break outside on the lake and river while getting to know your colleagues in the different surroundings. Duration 4 hours, capacity 25 persons.

Photo hunt

Teams seek to find the places on a given photograph, and then to take as creative a photo as possible in the same location. Each team is given a legend, photographs on paper and a digital camera. The active orienteering-hunting portion of the photo hunt is followed by a viewing of the photos, which may be organised immediately after the hunt at the meeting room, or later on as part of a dinner or lunch at Kaval-Ants Tavern or Palm House. Duration with photo viewing 3 hours, capacity 100 persons.


The goal of GeoCrossword is for a team to quickly and exactly complete a very special crossword puzzle with the help of GPS equipment and the cleverness of the team members. Our instructor divides the participants into small teams of 3-6 persons so that everyone can actively participate.

The clues in the crossword include general questions about geography and Estonia, as well as 20 clues related to GPS coordinates. The answers to the clues related to the coordinates are very hard to figure out without seeing the exact place (unless you are very clever). The team decides for itself how to solve the clues. The principle is simple: if your head can’t help, then your legs can! Any means for obtaining information are allowed. The team who solves the greatest part of the crossword during the allotted time, or who solves the entire puzzle the fastest, is the winner. Duration 3 hours, capacity 100 persons.

Biking tour in Lahemaa National Park

From Vihula it’s just 6 km of picturesque countryside road to Sagadi Manor, and then another 6 km through the ancient forests to the historic Altja fishing village where you can enjoy the seaside and eat hearty meals at traditional Altja Tavern or in Toomarahva Farm. The total roundtrip is around 20 km; the shorter option is a biking tour from the manor to the seacoast and back, 8 km in total. Duration 2-4 hours depending on route, capacity 30 persons.

Hiking adventure in Viru wetland

Enjoy the unspoiled nature in unique and scenic Viru bog, walking the Viru Bog Nature Trail of 3.5 km. A boardwalk crosses the bog where you can see typical bog landscapes and plants. A beautiful view opens onto the bog pools from the watch tower. Try a surprise forest picnic or have a hearty countryside lunch at Altja Tavern. Duration 4-5 hours, capacity 150 persons.

Sea kayaking

After a short transfer to the seaside, meet with instructors in Mustoja and have a sea kayaking training session on shore. After that you are ready to go to the sea and kayak with the guidance of experienced instructors, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Toolse castle, one of the oldest ancient buildings in Estonia. The whole paddling trip covers 13 km. Duration 4 hours, capacity 60 persons.

Bog-shoes walk at Laukasoo bog

If you want to have a closer look at the unique bog ecosystem, then wear bog-shoes and go on a walk with a trained instructor. These broad platform shoes help keep you near the surface and let you enjoy the less travelled corners of our natural areas, all year round. The transfer from Vihula takes 10 minutes, and then you are ready for the real bog hike. After 3 hours hiking, transfer back to Vihula. Duration 4 hour, capacity 50 persons.

Winter adventure

Have a glass of glue whine or hot raspberry tea in the von Schubert Wine Bar, to prepare you for your wintery adventure! Enjoy the real Estonian winter in the beautiful surroundings of Vihula and spend a day outside, cross-country skiing, sledge riding and kick sledding. Duration 3 hours, capacity 50 persons.


Tour medieval Rakvere Castle and the Pandivere Upland

Tour the Pandivere Upland and the town of Rakvere, passing through the rolling hills of Pandivere and along the lakes of Porkuni, including a visit to the Porkuni Limestone Museum and 13th-century Rakvere Castle which once housed the Order of Teutonic Knights and has now been turned into a fascinating museum. Duration 4 hours. Ask about extending this tour to a full-day activity if you combine it with lunch, free time in Rakvere for leisure and shopping and a visit to the Aqva Spa water centre and spa.

Vihula manor is full of surprises and we can design the most unique events for you. For more creative incentive ideas, please contact us.