Green Key

Green Key

Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa has joined Green Key, an eco-label awarded to us for our efforts in protecting the environment and nature as part of our daily operations.


Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa strives to be an environmentally friendly host who appreciates the following:

  • Providing services that save on natural resources and reduce water and electrical energy consumption
  • Reduction of waste through sorting and reprocessing, plus the cleaning of most wastewater
  • The use of natural cleaning agents
  • The use of high-quality, local food ingredients and raw materials in our restaurant
  • The sale of ecological and natural products
  • Consistent introduction of environmental principles as part of standard employee training
  • Educating guests in environmental principles through the use of different informational materials
  • Opportunities for active vacations in Vihula

We wish all our employees, partners and guests to carry with them environment saving principles in all that they do. To help communicate our message, we organize an annual ‘Green Day’ to introduce nature-friendly activities in and around Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa. In this way, we hope to contribute to a cleaner future that lasts for all posterity.

Unique Hotels would like to thank all its guests and partners for participating in our environmental program through the following activities:

  • Save electricity by turning lights off when leaving the room
  • Use water economically
  • Limit the use of washing agents; leave towels that you feel need changing on the bathroom floor
  • Place waste paper and cardboard on the table, and domestic waste in the waste basket of your hotel room
  • Give used batteries and other hazardous wastes to the hotel receptionist
  • Travel by foot or bicycle whenever possible
  • Use opportunities for an active vacation, such as hiking trails, sports activities or walks in parks

Help us to help the environment!

Read more about the Green Key award and program.