Spa price list

What are ESPA treatments?

ESPA products and treatments are naturally effective.

We go it the ends of the earth (literally) to source the highest quality and most active natural ingredients to deliver both instant results and long term benefits. Our carefully selected ingredients are sustainably sourced, carefully harvested and meticulously prepared for optimal effectiveness. We add nothing artificial to our formulations – just pure, natural extracts.

Every encounter with ESPA brings with it a profound sense of pleasure and discovery.  Our treatments are tailored to your needs, whether it is total relaxation, escapism or the pursuit of wellbeing.  ESPA treatments have an essence of their own and with rituals inspired by traditional cultures and the latest advances in science our highly skilled therapists can focus on stress-relief, optimizing health and achieving evident results.

What are Natural Spa treatments?

A human being is meant to live in harmony with nature. Treatments with fresh ingredients directly from the wild are pampering, relaxing and balancing mind and body. Herbs, honey, milk, fruits, cereals, aroma oils and many other gifts of nature, all containing necessary vitamins and minerals are all in a form that is appropriate and well-assimilable for the Human body. Cosmetic products mixed from fresh natural components are especially effective as they support natural and healthy functioning of the body. Treatments are composed using the traditional wisdom of our ancestors. Bath, poultices and massage form a harmonious whole. The result is a blissful feeling and a nice atmosphere.

What are Fleur's treatments?

The Manor Spa an integral part of luxury and romance. It represents a professional spa brand Fleur’s. Fleur’s creation is inspired from the painting, plants world, ayurveda and therapeutic stones. Treatments include the use of a luxury 24-carat gold. Gold combination of minerals and trace elements, myrrh and frankincense, offering skin efficient care as well as glamor. Many Fleur’s products are internationally recognized eco-certification and production strictly follows the principles of environmental sustainability. Using source of inspiration for painting and plants world, is the purpose of brand to emphasize each person’s natural beauty – to enable each person to be your lucky artist to take their own life a work of art.



Reveal glowing, radiant skin with this treatment combination using advanced ESPA skincare products rich in active essential oils and AHA’s to gently polish and brighten skin and restore a natural glow. ESPA Salt & Oil scrub smoothes skin leaving a silky soft sheen on the body before the tailor-made Radiance facial helps instantly refresh and brighten the complexion.

Includes: Salt & Oil body exfoliation – Radiance facial – scalp massage

ESPA DETOX RITUAL 120 min. 89€

A body wrap and massage combination specifically designed to help speed up the elimination of toxins from the body and improve circulation. Following skin brushing and exfoliation, a complete body wrap of Marine Algae combined with Detoxifying Body Oil rich in Juniper berry and Cypress is blended and applied to help purify the body and hydrate the skin. A full body massage and mind calming scalp massage achieve ultimate relaxation.

Includes: Skin brush – body exfoliation –Detox Algae wrap – Detox massage - scalp massage


The perfect treatment to melt-away tension and muscle aches and pains and leave the skin silky smooth and soft. The massage is focused and deliberate and relieves deep-seated tension and muscular aches. Followed with a facial  that  begins  with a detailed consultation and in-depth skin analysis using SkinVisionTM technology to identify skin conditions not visible to the naked eye. Your facial is specifically tailored to you, to include cleansing, exfoliation  and a treatment specific massage, mask and intensive serum. Finally, skincare products are chosen for your individual needs to achieve the best possible results. Finishing with a scalp massage to deeply relax both mind and body.

Includes: Full body massage with aromatherapy oils of your choice  – skin analysis and facial -  scalp massage

ESPA BODY WRAP 60 min 59 €

This personalised body wrap is a tailor-made experience designed to comfortably raise the temperature, nourish the skin and increase the effects and absorption of the wrap. Following skin brushing and exfoliation a complete body wrap of Algae or Marine Mud combined with essential oils is blended and applied to meet your specific needs. Skin feels nourished and hydrated and the mind left totally relaxed after a soothing scalp massage. Choose from the following:

De-Stresser, Muscle Relaxer, Jet-Lag Reviver, Immune Booster, Energiser or Body Toner

ESPA BACK, FACE & SCALP TREATMENT with or without hot stones            90 min     69 €

                                                                                                                                120 min      85 €

Renowned as our ‘Hero’ treatment and loved by all; this ESPA experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas – the back, the face and the scalp, making it the ideal treatment for anyone.

ESPA Salt Scrub     25 min  35 €

ESPA Aromatherapy Massage     60 min  55 € / 59 €

ESPA Bath Treatment with Body Lotion     45 min  55 €

The detoxing seaweed bath is suitable for all skin types, especially skin with cellulite or water retention. After a 20-minute bath, the client will receive 20 minutes of rubbing down with a lotion of their choice: smoothing/tightening lotion, moisturizing lotion or deeply moisturizing lotion.

Body treatment “The secret of eternal youth” 90 min  79 €

Moisturizing and nourishing body treatment, which smoothens wrinkles and promotes formation of new skin cells, softens and moisturises skin. Includes body exfoliation, wrap,herbal bath and thorough aromatherapy massage with the “elixir of eternal youth”. The result is fresh and youthful skin and brisk feeling.

Body treatment “VSOP” 90 min  79 €

Luxurious soothing and relaxing body treatment, where one of the main active ingredients is real brandy. The treatment is stress reducing, leading to calm mind and relaxed body. It includes herbal bath and aromatherapy massage.

Detoxing body treatment 90 min  79 €      

Detox body treatment that fights cellulite in 5 different ways. Hot herb tea and dry brushing stimulate blood circulation, a diuretic bath supports the segregation of toxins from the body. A thorough cellulite massage awakes the body that has fallen asleep. The cellulite wrappings make the blood circulate and helps the organism get mildly purified.

Aromamineral “Voile de Sultane” slimming and firming body treatment 60 min 59 €    

Discover the fairy-tale world of 1001 Nights and feel like a real prince or princess. The treatment combines the traditional beauty tricks of oriental women and original skin care products with enchanting scents. The best active substances from the nature of central-Asia are used in the treatment. According to the clients wish or mood one can choose between rose-silver anti-stress relaxing treatment or jasmine-copper tonus-raising and energizing treatment. The ritual begins with body exfoliation that is followed by a Rhassoul clay wrapping mixed with silver or copper powder. Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay that can only be found in Morocco. This red clay is known for this firming and purifying features. After the wrapping relish a luxurious Arganil walnut oil massage that nourishes, moisturises and also finishes the treatment. 

“Aromamineral” luxurious golden rejuvenating treatment with body wrap 60 min 59 €

Really luxurious treatment, which involves a lot of mineral substances, including mineral gold which has the restorative, strengthening and rejuvenating effect on skin. The treatment starts with body massage which is done with an exfoliator with golden particles in it. This will remove deadskinn cells and brighten and enliven the skin, giving it back its natural radiance. After the shower it’s followed by nourishing, moisturising, lifting body wrap with 24 carat gold. The treatment is completed with nourishing and moisturising massage with gold-infused oil. The result is demineralised, moisturised and nourished youthful skin, luminous with silk and gold.

Holistic Treatment for Face and Body  90 min    79 €

Holistic treatment where relaxes both body and mind. Treatment starts with foot- and back massage using apricots' oil mixed with relaxing aromatic oil. Continues with a facial by your needs and completed with rubber mask that trims and brushes away all the signs of tiredness from your face. During the mask massage with warm apricots' oil will continue.



This revitalising facial treatment helps refresh tired skin, giving a noticeably brighter and naturally radiant appearance. A special application of ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturiser; rich in natural AHAs and BHAs from Hawaiian Algae and Meadowsweet, helps to smooth, reduce irregular pigmentation and brighten the skin to deliver instant results.


An intensive and regenerating facial for dehydrated skin leaving it supple and nourished. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation help the skin absorb replenishing face treatment oils and masks to deeply moisturise and soothe the complexion. This rehydrating facial leaves skin smooth and feeling rejuvenated.


A comforting facial for sensitive skins prone to redness and irritation, leaving skin calmed and nourished. De-sensitising natural plant extracts and calming aromatherapy oils such as Chamomile and Benzoin are used to gently cleanse, nourish and hydrate fragile skin. This soothing facial helps to reduce skin sensitivity leaving skin calmed, nourished and comfortable.


Ideal for oily, congested and problematic skin, or those suffering with hormonal imbalance. This deep cleansing facial helps to regulate oil secretions and refine open pores. Essential Tea Tree and White Thyme oils, which are naturally decongesting and anti-inflammatory, are used to soothe and calm the skin, encouraging a more balanced and clearer complexion.


Whether your skin needs a deep cleanse, a healthy glow, soothing or hydrating, we encourage our male guests to experience this personalized treatment that combines a relaxing  shoulder, neck, face  and scalp massage with a tailored solution to your skin’s needs.

“Aromamineral” Voile d’OR Golden Veil luxurious and anti-ageing face treatment 90 min 69 €

Exclusive and luxurious rejuvenating treatment uses pure 24-carat gold, which has restoring, anti-ageing and luminating effect. The treatment begins with relaxing massage, followed by make-up removal and exfoliating of face, hands and arms. After that there will be caressing eye massage with smooth brushes and face massage with youth nectar massage balm. After the massage special masks will be applied to skin. Luxurious gold mask and lifting wax mask moisturise, nourish, stimulate and lift the skin efficiently, transforming it into silk smooth and radiant of youth. Special attention is paid to the most problematic areas – face, neck, cleavage, hands and arms. The treatment is completed with concentrate of golden serum, which makes the masks even more effective. The final touch is given with luxurious day cream. The result is smooth, supple and tight skin and fresh complexion veiled with golden gloss.

Equinox facial treatment with rubber mask 60 min 59 €

Based on the rhythm of the seasons Fleur’s has elaborated two soothing facial treatments. Autumn-winter ritual with ramzam flower has warming, relaxing, nourishing and soothing effect. Spring-summer ritual with edelweiss flower is soothing, cooling and moisturising. The treatment begins with cleavage massage. Deep cleansing and exfoliating facial skin is followed by relaxing massage of face, neck and cleavage as well as rubbery refreshing and soothing lotus mask. During the procedure your hands will be pampered with massage. The treatment is completed with suitable serum and day cream.

“Aromavedic” firming oriental luxoriuos facial treament for men 60 min 59 €

Care is inspired from effective Indian Ayurvedic massage and aromatherapy essential oils. The treatment begins with back massage, followed by a facial cleaning, skin peeling, special massage of the face, neck and shoulders. Followed by revitalizing and restorative mask that moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes mimic wrinkles. During the mask is on, hand or head massage is perfomed. This treatment gives your skin back the clean, radiant complexion and gives it a fresh feeling. This is an hour of bliss, during which the beautician´s knowledgeable and attentive hands will be treating your skin.


HONEY MASSAGE 60min. 59€

                                90min.  69€ 

Honey massage comes from Tibet. Honey is used primarily as an adhesive substance to cause adhesion between the masseuse arm and the patient’s skin. Honey massage accelerates blood flow to the region. Reach the body through the skin, known as the healing effects of honey. Honey massage is used successfully in muscular tension, colds, mental stress, joint problems and chronic treatment of cellulite. Unfortunately, this massage is not suitable for honey allergy sufferers

HOT STONE MASSAGE  60 min.  59€ 

A therapeutic full body massage using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension.  The warmth of the stones penetrates your muscles to soothe aches and pains; helping you to unwind and your body to feel rejuvenated.                                  

Includes: Hot Stone Aromatherapy massage to back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck/shoulder massage..


ESPA aromatherapy massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs.

Choose from the following: Detoxifier, De-Stresser, Muscle Relaxer, Jet-Lag Reviver, Immune Booster, Energizer, Body Toner

Includes: Aromatherapy massage to back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck/shoulder massage       

CLASSICAL MASSAGE  30 min.   Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 30€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ €35

                                         40 min.   Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 35€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ €39

                                         60 min.  Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 55€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ €59 

                                         90 min.  Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 65€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ €69

A traditional full body massage using firm pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. This treatment is ideal as an introduction to massage; stimulating movements help soothe tired aching muscles to leave you relaxed and revived.

Includes: Swedish massage to back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck/shoulder massage


Mini manicure 30 min.  Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 25€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ 25€

The treatment begins with cleaning and disinfecting the hands. Nail polish will be removed, if necessary. Nails will be filed, hands will be peeled and creamed.

Classical manicure 60 min.  Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 35€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ 39€
The treatment begins with cleaning and disinfecting the hands. Cuticles will be covered with exfoliating cuticle remover. 3-5 minutes, while it has effect, the nails re filed. Soaking and trimming cuticles. Then hands and areas around cuticles are peeled with sugar exfoliator.After that exfoliator is removed, hands are creamed and nails polished if wanted.

Spa manicure 90 min.  Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 45€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ 49€
The treatment begins with cleaning and disinfecting the hands. Cuticles will be covered with exfoliating cuticle remover. 3-5 minutes, while it has effect, the nails are filed. Soaking and trimming cuticles. Then hands and areas around cuticles are peeled with sugar exfoliator.This is followed by moisturising clay mask. When the mask is washed off, the hands and arms to the elbows will be massaged. Nail polish will be applied on request.

Hand treatment “For mouse clicker” 60 min     Su 16.00- Fr 16.00 / Fr 16.00- Su 16.00     € 35 / € 40
The treatment includes exfoliation, manicure and massage. The hands will receive moistening treatment, special massage relieves tensions caused by fixed position.

Classical pedicure 60 min.  Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 45€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ 49€
Classical pedicure is a foot treatment that gives the feet esthetic and beautiful look. The treatment starts with cleansing bath scented with citruses and tea tree oil. Then the nails are clipped and filed and the cuticles trimmed. The feet are peeled with AH acids, A and E vitamins and natural sugar crystal exfoliator to remove callus. The treatment is completed with light foot massage with herbal essence cream. The result is silk-soft and beautiful feet.

Spa pedicure 90 min.  Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 49€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ 55€
Classical pedicure is a foot treatment that gives the feet esthetic and beautiful look. The treatment starts with cleansing bath scented with citruses and tea tree oil. Then the nails are clipped and filed and the cuticles trimmed. The feet are peeled with AH acids, A and E vitamins and natural sugar crystal exfoliator to remove callus. After that moisturising clay mask is applied. The treatment is completed with foot and leg massage up to the knees. The result is silk-soft and beautiful feet. Here the exfoliator gives the result by removing dead skin cells, which makes feet smooth and soft.

Wellness foot treatment 30 min.  Sun 16.00-Fri 16.00/ 30€, Fri 16.00-Sun 16.00/ 35€
Wellness foot treatment is nourishing and moisturising well-being treatment. First, the feet are cleaned with warm moist towels. For smoothing skin the feet are exfoliated with AH acids, A and E vitamins and natural sugar crystal exfoliator. Then a moisturising mask is applied and let to take effect for 5 minutes. The treatment is completed with massage of feet and legs to knees. This treatment doesn’t include classical pedicure with nail and callus care. Here the exfoliator gives the result by removing dead skin cells, which makes feet smooth and soft.

Foot treatment “High Heels” 60 min         Su 16.00- Fr 16.00 / Fr 16.00- Su 16.00    € 40 / € 45
The treatment includes foot bath, exfoliating, pedicure and massage, which eases the tensions in crureus. The skin is deeply moisturised and nurtured. The feet feel light and restful.

Foot treatment “Ugri-mugri” 60 min       Su 16.00- Fr 16.00 / Fr 16.00- Su 16.00     € 40 / € 45
The treatment includes foot bath, exfoliating, pedicure and massage. As the result the feet will feel warm, light and restful. Skin is silk and soft.